September 6, 2017

Umatilla County Courthouse, Room 130

9:00 a.m.

A.       Call to order.

B.      Pledge of Allegiance

C.     Chair’s introductory comments, reminder that meeting is public.

D.     Awards/Recognitions/Correspondence

E.     Acknowledgment of minutes of previous meeting - August 2, 2017; August 29, 2017

F.      Additions to Agenda

G.      Public Input and Recognition of Visitors

H.      Presentations - Admin Services

I.          Business items:      

                1.    Civil Payment Process
                2.    Force Feed Loader Purchase
                3.    Drilling and Blasting Contract
                4.    Community Correction Vehicle
                5.    Athena Cemetery District request  
                6.    CDDP Copier
                7.    DA Victim Witness Copiers
                8.    DA Position Changes
                           OAIII Position
                           Victim Witness Program
                           Half Time Position
                9.    Local Community Advisory Committee Appointments
                10.  Nurse Position
                11.  Records Office Hours
                12.  Justice Center HVAC
                13.  Medical Biller Position
                14.  Sale of Property
                15.  Echo Community Benefit Plan Grant
                16.  SIP Hearing - 11:00 - Public Hearing
                17.  Executive Session - Employment - ORS 192.660(2)(a,b,h)          

J.       Commissioners' Reports               



The mission of Umatilla County is to serve the citizens of Umatilla County efficiently and effectively.