Highway 395 North Economic Development Project

The Highway 395 N Economic Development Project is a local, community-driven planning effort by business owners and landowners who are working to improve the aesthetic and economic viability of the Highway 395 N corridor - a corridor of commercial and industrial zoned properties between the Urban Growth Boundary of the cities of Hermiston and Umatilla in northeastern Oregon.

Working to implement the 2015 Highway 395 Economic Development Study, Umatilla County applied for and was awarded a Transportation Growth Management (TGM) technical assistance grant from Oregon Department of Land Con¬servation and Development and Oregon Department of Transportation. The purpose of the Umatilla County U.S. Highway 395 North Development Code project is to create standards for the U.S. Highway 395 North corridor between the cities of Umatilla and Hermiston to implement previous planning and studies, improve the corridor's aesthetics and function, improve multi-modal connectivity and transportation options within the corridor and between the cities of Hermiston and Umatilla, and provide safe access for all modes of transportation, including non-motorized transportation (e.g., pedestrians and cyclists).

The Project supports the TGM mission of integrated land use and transportation planning by creating development and design standards that will improve walkability and multi-modal transportation; provide more flexibility in land uses, which can lead to a mix of uses so that people are closer to their destinations, which makes walking and biking more feasible; and provide pedestrian-friendly and traffic-calming design standards.

Virtual Workshop

The purpose of the Virtual Public Workshop for the Umatilla County Highway 395 Corridor Code Update project is to inform the community and collect public input on the project.

VPW #2 and survey is available here:

VPW #2 Survey

Public Participation

Public input will help ensure the objectives of the Highway 395 N project are met. Please consider getting involved and sharing your perspective regarding future development of this unique commercial and industrial area of Umatilla County!

A Project Schedule and Community Engagement Plan are included on this page. Check this page frequently for information and agendas for upcoming public meetings. Note: The Project Schedule is developed as a guide to intended timeframes. The timing of specific tasks and meetings is subject to change.

Technical advisory committee

Name Affiliation
Steve Watkinds Highway 395 Committee Chair, business/property owner
Kari Christiansen Highway 395 Committee Co-chair, business/property owner
Byron Grow Highway 395 Committee Co-chair, business/property owner
Bill Kik Highway 395 Committee Co-chair, business/property owner, trucking/freight advocate
Tamra Mabbott City of Umatilla Economic Dev. Director
Brandon Seitz City of Umatilla Planner
Mark Morgan City of Hermiston Assistant Manager
Clint Spencer City of Hermiston Planner
Matt Kenny County Public Works
Phil Stenbeck DLCD Regional Rep
Cheryl Jarvis Smith ODOT Region 5 Program Coordinator
Jeff Wise ODOT Traffic Engineer
Paul Howland ODOT District 12 Assistant Manager
Bob Waldher Umatilla County Planning Director
Jacob Potterf Umatilla County Planner/GIS
Darci Rudzinski Consultant, APG
Jamin Kimmell Consultant, APG
Laura Buhl DLCD, TGM Coordinator


For more information about this project, or to submit written comments and/or request to be on the project email list, please contact us at: planning@umatillacounty.net
We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: All correspondence with the County is public record.