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The Functions of County Records

The Office of County Records, (formerly the County Clerk’s Office) records all documents that effect the conveyance, encumbrance, or division of Real Property, including but not limited to: Affidavits, Agreements, Death Certificates, Deeds, Deeds of Trust (Mortgages), Easements, Foreclosures, Judgments, Land Sale Contracts, Leases, Liens, Partition Plats, Subdivision (Town) Plats and variations of said documents (amendments, assignments, modifications, releases, re-plats & satisfactions).

Other recorded and filed documents include: Military Discharges, Mining Records, Oaths of Office, Powers of Attorney, and Taxing District Budgets.

County Records also: issues & records Marriage Licenses; registers Domestic Partnerships; processes Passport Applications, offers Notary Public Services, assists the Property Value Appeals Board and maintains and indexes the County Commissioners’ Journal - a monthly record of the Orders, Ordinances, Public Works Permits, Contracts, Agreements, and other business Proceedings of the County’s Executive Branch. The Records Office also provides order forms and contact information for obtaining copies of Birth Certificates and other Vital Records not recorded at the county level, but on file with the State of Oregon: or (971) 673-1190. Limited contact information is available for other states as well.

For Divorce, Probate & Criminal Records please contact the Umatilla County Circuit Court at 541-278-0341.


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