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The Umatilla County Survey Records consist of all survey information located within the Umatilla County Surveyor’s Office that was available and possible to scan. For each set of records there is a Microsoft Excel key. The key contains all the needed information pertaining to each record. Use the filter command in Excel to easily sort through the information and find the records you are looking for. Listed below is a summary of information included in the Umatilla County Survey Records:

• Filed Surveys

• Land Corner use records

• County road right-of-way widths

• County road plat book

• Old road records from 1866 through 1951

• Old private surveys done from 1878 through 1940

• Miscellaneous Records including county road, state highway, railroad, canal, and various other right-of-way information

• G.L.O. plats and field notes

• Railroad maps

• 1914 Standard Atlas and 1932 Metskers Atlas

• Umatilla County homestead records (Microsoft Excel file only)

• Surveys done by C.E. Redfield, a Bureau of Indian Affairs surveyor from 1917 through 1920

• Information on what is contained in the files located in the County Surveyor’s Office that were obtained from Wayne Harris, former County Surveyor (Microsoft Excel file only)

• Additional information on county roads may be obtained by request

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Personnel at the Umatilla County Surveyor’s Office can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 541-278-5460 or 541-278-5424.